Thanks to Jez Debugey’s customization approach, you can choose the gem stones you like, the metal and even suggest a drawing to us. Below are a few pictures of various available gem stones : select the ones you like, and we will either create a unique piece just for you or transform an existing family piece to include other gem stones. Of course other possibilities may be suggested to you (prices upon request) You may enjoy photos below explaining our work.  

Bicolore ring with a beautiful moon stone

This ring is a special order based on the same design as the lattest ring in the Metal&Sens Collection, called Bicolore. It is made in sterling silver, but only in a shiny finish and we have added a beautiful moon stone whose curve match exactly the ring’s curve. Quite spectacular, no ? And keep in mind you may order this ring in the finish that you would like  


During the June exhibit in Paris 15th with other craftspeople from the Association “un Jour Un Artisan” last June, a young woman contacted us and brought an unmounted stone in order to make a ring for it. With the  stone she provided, a vivid beautiful light blue color, although a synthetic piece, she wanted an airy and contemporary design. So we adapted one of our designs, and made it in sanded silver. Although the stone is large and the woman petite, it is extremely becoming and flattering on her ! See the result !      

A superb malachite highlighted by a fine design

For this sizeable and very well carved 144g malachite, supplied by the client, the need was felt to find the way to make this beautiful stone sublime, adding no more than the support system as its beauty, its nuances of green and airy grain spoke for itself. We chose to sustain the malachite with a double frame in yellow 18k gold at the back, allowing for the insertion of the double leather strap. The stone is held in place by 6 asymmetrical claws, which put the stone sideways, giving a dramatic effect! The necklace really highlights this exceptional malachite, in a very pure design. Herebelow some of the pictures detailing…